October 28th


SELECTED contains nine songs from Troels’s past. Five songs are remixes of old recordings, while four songs have been recorded last year. Everything is newly mixed and mastered.

Apart from Troels’s wonderful band, which is composed by drummer Niels Ratzer, Dan Rasmussen and Michael Sunding, Troels has been lucky to have a lot of musical friends on board on this project.

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And here are, with pride, the names of all the contributors:

Dan Rasmussen: Bass
Niels Ratzer: Drums & Percussion
Michael Sunding: Organ, electric piano

Special guests
Toots Thielemans: Harmonica
Alex Acuna: Drums, Congas
Justo Almario: Tenor-Sax
Mikala Bosetti: Lead vocal
Robert Bailey: Lead vocal

Jon Bruland: Bass
Peter Kibsgaard: Percussion, backup vocals
Rune Olesen: Percussion
Jesper Mejlvang: Organ & Fender Rhodes
Frede Ewert: Organ, Piano, electric piano, Keyboards
Søren Skov: Electric piano
Lars DK: Strings, Piano, Organ
Ole Kibsgaard: Dobro, backup vocals
Nanna Lüders: Backup vocals
Michael Millfield Mølhede : Trumpet
Bobby Ricketts: Tenor sax
Per Kamp: Acoustic guitar

Troels Skovgaard: Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, resonator guitar, piano, lead and backup vocals

Mix: Louise Nipper
Mastering: Brian Mørk Hansen
Cover Photo: Leonardo Bosetti
Cover Layout: Elisabetta Bosetti
Digital Distribuition: DiGiDi

New Single Out 7th October 2022

Troels’s new single Treat Me Nice is coming out on October 7th on all streaming platforms. We hope you will welcome it by listening and sharing it.
Troels composed this song years ago with the help of his friend, lyricist Kim Heibon.
The recording with his band, though, is quite new and it shows everyone at their best.

Read the interview with Troels Skovgaard by the British blogger Elizabeth Olivia Sempill Chute here


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Wash my Blues away


Troels Skovgaard with the winner certificate from the UK Songwriting contest 2021

Wash My Blues Away by Danish singer songwriter Troels Skovgaard, from Copenhagen, was winner of the Jazz & Blues Award in The UK Songwriting Contest 2021 with this contemporary blues song. UKSC judge Bonnie Piesse (the Hollywood Star Wars actress turned singer songwriter) described this song as an example of “beautiful classic songwriting, vibe, phrasing and lyrics”.


My very first vinyl album is OUT!

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The album is the special edition of a musical journey in time and places.

It contains 7 instrumental compositions that draw inspiration from Blues, Jazz, Brazil and funky Rock – originally created between 1985 and 1995.

This LP is a remix and master, and for some parts a remake of the instrumental half of my double CD “No matter how far I go” from 2006.

I have been blessed by a lot of collaborations with friends, colleaugues and heroes that I work, and have worked with

Niels Ratzer: Drums & Percussion

Alex Acuna, Klaus Menzer: Drums

Jon Bruland, Dan Rasmussen: Bass

Michael Sunding, Frede Ewert, Jesper Ørberg, Stig Christensen: Keys

Rune Olesen: Percussion

Moussa Diallo: Vocal

Justo Almario: Flute, tenor Saxophone

Nicolai Schultz: Flute, alto Saxophone

Bobby Ricketts: Tenor Saxophone

Fabrizio Mandolini: Alto Saxophone


“Someday my Ship will come in”

Release date May 7th 2021

I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time

I hope you’ll welcome my new EP that contains 5 songs.

It wouldn’t have been possible to make it without the contribution of this amazing group of people.

Huge thanks to:

Niels Ratzer: drums, percussion co-production, Mikael Roupé: lyrics, Dan Rasmussen: Electric bass, Michael Sunding: Organ Rune, Harder Olesen: Percussion, Ole Kibsgaard: Double bass, dobro, backup vocals, Peter Kibsgaard: Drums, percussion, backup vocals Mikala Bosetti: Backup vocals Søren Skov: Piano and keyboards Thor Backhausen: Organ, Sten Larm: additional drums, Casper Dybdahl: guitar and Fender Rhodes, Louise Nipper: mix, co-production, Brian Mørk Hansen: mastering, Leonardo Bosetti: photos and cover art, Elisabetta Bosetti: PR, management, executive producer, DiGiDi & The Orchard: digital distribution.


Release date October 28th 2020

“Wash my Blues away”

You can listen to the single on any digital services. I’m really happy with the result, which, however, would never have been so good without

Niels Ratzer on drums, Dan Rasmussen on bass, Thor Backhausen on hammond organ, Casper Dybdahl on add. guitars and Fender Rhodes, Louise Nipper mix and Brian Mørk Hansen mastering.