Troels Skovgaard is a Danish artist with always a guitar nearby him. He is inspired by almost all kinds of music, but as bluesy elements always seem to sneak into the music he makes, Blues is a genre he feels comfortable with, and improvising on guitar, the language is bluesy.

But his music has many more flavors and listening to his songs it is obvious that his inspirations also come from many other places.
Since his early youth, his musical diet has been based on the big guns from the 60s and 70s with The Beatles on the top of his list – Doobie Brothers, the Eagles, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton are also big influences in Troels’ songwriting.

Troels began his career as a composer in the early 1980s. His first release though would take place later in the 00s, when the digital revolution changed the paradigm in the music industry. Troels took then the opportunity to release his first album in 2003 with his own independent label.

At his Discography page you will find the complete list of his albums and music links.